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We call ourselves Connectors. b.unity is a non-profit organization that truly believes in the connection of ideas, resources, and communities.

Our mission states that we demonstrate the transformative love of Jesus Christ by uniting communities to achieve sustainable health equity.

Health equity is described by Health People 2020 the "attainment of the highest level of health for all people." This means everyone deserves a fair chance to lead a healthy life. No one should be denied this chance because of who they are or their socio-economic situation. At b.unity we know that health and wellness is not just the physical. We believe that there should be a holistic approach to wellness and health.

We focus on:
SOCIAL WELLNESS - Creating and maintaining healthy relationships and establishing supportive social networks.
PHYSICAL WELLNESS - Maintaining a healthy quality of life through regular physical activity, proper nutrition and restful sleep. This is also having safe and healthy living environments
EMOTIONAL WELLNESS - Accepting your worth, recognizing and expressing your feelings in healthy ways, and coping with life’s challenges. 
SPIRITUAL WELLNESS - Discovering meaning and purpose in life and understanding beliefs, values and ethics that help guide your life. 
INTELLECTUAL WELLNESS - Being actively engaged in creative and mentally stimulating activities in pursuit of lifelong learning

b.unity also addresses these facets of health by facilitating medical mission trips in Zimbabwe and Kenya. This is achieved through community partnerships and support that enable us to provide medical care to those who may not otherwise receive it.

creative.unity is a program of b.unity that believes that Holistic Health/Wellness + The Arts = Divine Success for Our Youth. We are all artists and we all have a special gift to give to the world.It is that unique connection that unites us all. We seek every opportunity to make a social impact by providing individuals with a safe environment to create, perform, document, and present their stories. Using the arts, mentorship, and research, we work to address public health and social justice issues, promote change, and unify our communities. 

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Medical Missions
Youth Programming
Community Collabortion
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